Shop Theft
  • Items were usually stolen by culprits when no one was looking at them.
  • Culprits either operate alone or in groups of two to three persons with one subject distracting the staff while the remaining person(s) steal items on display.
  • Culprits tend to try on items such as belts, clothes and accessories before concealing the items under their clothes or simply leaving without taking them off.
  • Culprits tend to make payments only for some of the items in the shopping basket and the other items were taken without paying.
  • Retailers are encouraged to set up chat groups to facilitate quick exchange of crime information and retail best practices.
  • Retailers are advised to install CCTVs around the shop front.
  • Retailers are advised to place expensive items in locked-up display cabinets and/or near the cashier counters.

Fine and/or imprisonment up to 7 years.