Security in Schools

Security in schools is crucial to the education and safety of our children. It can be enhanced with a little effort by everyone and by following some simple procedures.

The Singapore Police Force (SPF), Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) and Ministry of Education have worked closely to compile this information for principals and teachers.

Every effort counts. So let's do our part and keep out crime and fire.

Perimeter Fencing

  • Maintain perimeter fencing in good condition at all times. Detect damage and defects early and have them repaired immediately.
  • Keep a uniform height for chain-link perimeter fencing and top it with 3 strands of barbed wire sloping outwards. The support should be embedded in concrete into the ground to provide a firm base.
  • Trim overgrown trees and shrubs/creepers close to the fencing regularly.


  • Maintain the same height for gates and fencing and incorporate barbed wires to prevent climbing.
  • Secure gates with good quality padlocks preferably together with a strong iron chain and metal clasp.
  • Lock up side gates and use only under the supervision of the staff. Advise members of the public to use the main gate.
  • Secure entrances to the main building of the school at ground level with metal roller shutters to cut off access into the building.
  • Reinforce existing iron collapsible gates securing main entrances and other staircase landings with a strong chain and metal clasp and a good quality close-shackle padlock.

Rooms requiring additional security measures

  • Rooms where expensive equipment are kept should have solid doors with deadbolting locks.
  • Ensure that the flush bolts of two-leaf doors penetrate deep enough into the slots provided.
  • Store expensive classroom equipment properly after use. Protect all doors with collapsible iron grille gates secured with an iron clasp and a good quality close-shackle padlock.
  • Protect all windows with iron grilles fitted internally.

Staircase landings

  • Install additional grilles to close existing gaps in the gate. Secure the gate with a good quality close-shackle padlock.

Covered Walkways

  • Remove all items on low-level covered walkways to prevent intruders from climbing.
  • Block the portion nearest the building with obstructive iron spikes.


  • Do not locate drainpipes close to windows and balconies leading from the ground to upper floors. Entwine existing ones with barbed wire.
  • Obstruct parapets or ledges affording climbing facilities to windows, balconies and roof with protruding iron spikes.

Secure all windows on the ground floor and those overlooking flatted rooftops with iron grilles fitted internally.


  • Protect doors and windows to the canteen with collapsible iron gates and iron grilles respectively.
  • Secure transaction counters with roller shutters and proper locks.

Security Alarm System
Install a security alarm system to deterrent any unlawful entry. Link the alarm to a reputable central alarm monitoring station.


  • Light is a recognised deterrent to break-ins. Light up strategic locations like doors, windows, ventilation openings and other vulnerable points.
  • Install sodium vapour security lighting at regular intervals along the whole stretch of perimeter fencing.
  • Direct floodlights to shine outwards from the building.

Key Security
Security provided by good locks depend on key security. Therefore, maintain proper key holding procedures. Change locks if keys are lost or misplaced. Keep keys in proper steel cabinets with locks and away from public view.

Control of Outsiders Using School Facilities

  • Advise outsiders using school facilities to restrict their movement within the authorised places with notices prominently displayed at entrances/exits.
  • Keep records of persons or organisations who use school facilities regularly.

Enhancement of security in schools
Students arriving early sometimes have to wait outside the school. To prevent students falling prey to would-be criminals, especially when it is still dark in the morning, the gates should be opened as early as possible. Alternatively, encourage students to stay in a group at a designated point to wait for the gates to be opened.

Students staying back after school hours

  • Advise students not to stay back in school unnecessarily.
  • Advise students remaining after school hours for extra curricular activities not to loiter around the school premises. Students must be supervised by staff.
  • Inside the school compound, students should:
    • Stay in a group.
    • Go to the toilet in pairs.
    • Use only opened floor toilets.