House Breaking
  • Tampering with the doors and windows of the car.
  • Tampering with the keyhole.
  • Smashing the windows or windscreen.
  • Using an ignition key of another vehicle.
  • Using a piece of metal strip or tools to force open car doors.
  • Park in well-lit areas;
  • Install an anti-theft system;
  • Use additional locking devices for example disc brake lock for motorcycles;
  • Wind up all windows and close all doors of your vehicle, even if it is left unattended for a short while;
  • Remove the ignition key and lock your vehicle before you leave, even if it is for a short while. Do not leave your ignition key inside the vehicle;
  • Ensure that your vehicle has been secured properly and look around the vicinity for suspicious characters before leaving. If you see any suspicious characters, take note of their appearance, attire, height, or any other distinctive physical features and inform the Police for assistance. Do not confront them.

The following devices are recommended to enhance the security of your vehicle:

  • Motor Car, Van & Lorry
    • Steering wheel lock
    • Clutch lock
    • Brake lock
    • Gear lock
    • Anti theft alarm system
  • Motor Cycle
    • Front wheel safety lock
    • Cable lock
    • Disc or Sprocket lock
    • Shackle lock

A person convicted of motor vehicle theft is liable to:

  • Imprisonment for a term which may extend to 7 years; and
  • Shall also be liable to fine.