The setting up of a National Crime Prevention Council was first proposed by the Ministry of Home Affairs, in its Addendum to the Presidential Address to Parliament released on 9 Feb 1981. The proposed council would comprise influential representatives from the commercial, manufacturing, construction and insurance sectors, the security industry, the Police and the Ministry of Home Affairs. A main aim of the council was to increase public co-operation in the prevention of crimes.

Hence, on 4 Jul 1981, the National Crime Prevention Council was inaugurated by the then Minister for Home Affairs, Mr Chua Sian Chin with the objectives of:

  • raising the level of public awareness and concern about crime
  • encouraging self-help in crime prevention
  • developing and recommend crime prevention measures suitable to the public
  • co-ordinating efforts of organisations in crime prevention

The Council is established as a non-profitable voluntary organisation to represent leading figures from the private and public sectors and government. It is officially recognised by government, functioning under the auspices of Ministry of Home Affairs is governed by an approved constitution. It is also duly registered as a public body with the Registrar of Societies.

The Council identifies problems of crime, studies and makes recommendations for its prevention. It assumes an advisory role and formulates necessary guidelines for crime prevention. The measures and strategies undertaken by the Council complement the role of the Police in its overall mission to fight against crime.

The Police will not be able to fight crime effectively on its own. The Council views crime prevention as the responsibility of everyone - the Police, the various businesses/organisations and public alike. Through its messages and programmes, it is hoped that individuals would be made aware of their responsibility and role in the fight against crime. Working together as a community is the best way to ensure that Singapore remains a safe and secure home for all of us.