SCAMinar! ACT Against Scams 2023

NCPC collaborated with the Home Team Behavioural Sciences Centre, Ministry of Home Affairs and the Police to organise SCAMinar! ACT Against Scams 2023 event on 18 Jan 2023. The seminar, graced by Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs & Ministry of Social and Family Development, Ms Sun Xueling, equipped attendees with various scam prevention tips and information. Two panel discussions were also held to discuss the impact of scams in Singapore and the various scam prevention initiatives rolled out by organisations.

During the event, NCPC also launched its “I Can ACT Against Scams” campaign. The 9th edition campaign aims to educate and encourage members of the public to translate scam awareness into action by proactively adopting anti-scam measures. The word “ACT” in the campaign headline stands for “Add. Check. Tell” – the three main actions that individuals should proactively take to safeguard themselves and our community against scams:

ADD - Add security features such as ScamShield which filter suspected scam SMSes and block calls from scam-tainted phone numbers, and enable 2-Factor Authentication for personal accounts.

Check - Check for potential scams signs by asking questions, fact checking requests for personal information and money transfers, and verifying the legitimacy of online listings and reviews.

Tell - Tell the authorities and platform owners about your scam encounters.

The event was livestreamed on Facebook ( and an e-book ( on was also launched in conjunction with this event.